At the bench

At the bench

nbNg represents the work of Nettie Birch

"I'm a metalsmith and jeweller, the daughter of an engineer. I was creative from a young age, making dresses for my Sindy, then using my brother's Meccano to make her a lift upstairs, however 10 years ago I became a full time designer-maker after being made redundant from my job as an investigative ink technician. Over the past decade, I built a successful fold-formed jewellery business stocking the likes of the British Museum and Tate Modern.

My studio is by the Thames and more recently, influenced by the decline of traditional industries on the river and the loss of the skills of my father's generation, I have become passionate about holding on to these hand skills and moved my practice on to include the technique of handraising using aluminium copper & silver.

My background in self-instruction and problem solving, combined with an inherited curious streak, has allowed me to explore and push the boundaries of these traditional skills and materials to create unique and unusual pieces. I'm well known for my standout fold-form jewellery pieces and clients are often surprised by my material choice, expecting them to be something else.

My vessels and tablewares can be made in silver as heirlooms or embrace the unsung traits of copper & aluminium meaning clients can own a work of art they aren't afraid to display and use everyday, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary."


Customer Comments

"The (commissioned caddy) spoon arrived today, and I am delighted with it. It was beautifully packed (love the colour of the tissue paper!) It is so very different in concept and in shape from all my other spoons so far, and I am thrilled. Thank you so much - you have been a delight to deal with. - Polly"

“Hello I just wanted to write to say I have a pair of your (oyster) aluminium earrings for Christmas from my mother and I really love them. regards Lianne”