Former Former Forma

I’ve been quiet over the summer but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes.


Just before Open Studios in June I introduced you to some makers on site at Thames-Side Studios. Two of them, Jane Cairns and Bertram Whitford have been here as long as I have and we have worked together for exhibitions in the past. As we have been talking about exploring opportunities to show together for a while when a possibility came up in London we jumped at it.

Forma (Latin) - form, shape, beauty

We decided to form a collective and, after trying out lots of ideas we settled on the name “Forma”, in part for it’s latin meaning (we are makers after all), but also a play on words. All three of us are second career makers, coming to our respective practices from a “former” occupation. We also all happen to use formers to shape our work, be it Bertie’s steam-bending jigs, Jane’s moulds for her slab built sculptures or the metal stakes I use for raising.

Our first selling exhibition together will open on 22nd October at 67 York St in Marylebone running for a week until 27th. This gallery space specialises in promoting high quality makers and we have invited 2 fellow TSS-ers to join us, Marcia Bennett Male, a stone carver and sculptor and Icastica Studio who make beautiful leather interior products and accessories. Full details of location and opening hours are available here.