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raise /reɪz/ verb

  1. lift or move to a higher position or level.

  2. increase the amount, level, or strength of.

For a while now I have been introducing the traditional metal-smithing technique of raising into my skill set. The forming of a flat disc of metal into a 3 dimensional shape using hammers and formers -stakes- is age old, but does very much complement my current forging and fold-forming methods. 

The sheet is normally sunk - pushed into a depression - first to create an initial curve, before the curve is accentuated by hammering onto the stake at a consistent angle, consolidating and compressing the excess material to raise the height, thicken the rim and give overall strength to the finished piece.

A slow, time consuming method of forming a vessel, raising forces patience and contemplation, time to analyse, assess, design and redesign through the repetitive courses of hammering and annealing. Used for practical items as well as high art pieces, the possibilities are endless.

Below is a slideshow of the gradual stages of raising a copper vessel.